Yueshan By The Suzhou Lake

The scale of the fine decoration project of the third bid section of the first phase of Yueshan near the lake in Suzhou: 48109.28M2, the winning bid price: 27.18 million yuan, the construction unit: Suzhou Golden Century Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Centralized processing and fixed-length processing of wall and floor tiles: unified laying out, avoiding Deviation, the same type and layout, the same room and the same size, the factory centralized fixed-length processing. Engineering features: typesetting and on-site cutting losses are extremely low, and the utilization rate of residual materials is high. The use of mechanized material processing and paving is separated, which greatly improves the construction efficiency, saves time and cost, and is not restricted by the site. Cutting, drilling, chamfering, and angle grinding are precisely processed in the factory, and the quality is guaranteed. Reduce the cleaning and transportation of waste bricks generated by on-site cutting.