Tinglin Garden Renovation

Tinglin Garden upgrade and renovation project, a national AAAA-level park, covers an area of more than 850 acres. Since this project is located in the old city of Kunshan, the flow of people is very large, and it is difficult for materials to enter and exit. It cannot be closed and managed during construction, and various measures must be taken to ensure the safety of tourists. Among them, how to transport the materials to the top of the mountain and the mountainside in the park for construction, the company organized a special technical team to solve the difficult problem, and used the temporary track to solve the transportation problem, so that the project was completed smoothly and on schedule, which was well received by the construction party and the people. The total renovation area of the project is about 172,200 square meters, and the new and repaired ancient buildings are about 2,000 square meters. The winning bid price is 34,429,305 (ten thousand yuan). Construction unit: Kunshan City Urban Construction Management Office.