Kunshan Industrial and Commercial Bank

Huaqiao comprehensive office building decoration project (1F, 3F, 7~11F, 1~14F core tube) project, project scale: 10080M2, winning bid: 16.8424 million yuan, construction unit: Jiangsu Kunshan Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. office The hall, reception hall, business hall, multi-function hall, honor exhibition hall and corridors have high requirements for decoration grades and many construction projects, especially the interior walls and ceilings have a strong sense of hierarchy and good aesthetics, reflecting the overall design effect. The decoration of each area should reflect the luxurious and concise modern office environment. Technological characteristics: A large number of wood grain metal plates are used, and the fire resistance is good. Pattern customization, high selectivity, beautiful and good anti-fouling performance. The material itself has good durability. The wall and top surface are made of wood grain metal plate veneer material, which is made by the factory and installed on site, which greatly improves the work efficiency. The quality and precision of mechanical production are guaranteed. Cut material according to the order to reduce material loss.