"Hundreds of boats compete for the flow, and thousands of sails cross." For more than 30 years, with the care of leaders at all levels and the support of customers at home and abroad, Trina Group has continued to flourish and forged a path of struggle with Trina's characteristics. After years of hard work, Tianhe Group has developed into a modern scale enterprise with rapid economic and social benefits.

History shows, realistic opportunities, future challenges, all these will be condensed into two words - development! Supporting these two words is hard work, wisdom and sweat, and it is a solid step that goes forward and keeps sounding. We firmly believe that the people of Tianhe who have contributed to the development and growth of Tianhe, under the care of friends from all walks of life who have always given support and love to the cause of Tianhe, will give full play to the ingenuity of Tianhe people in the era of coexistence of opportunities and challenges With the company's unique spirit of "unity and diligence, courage to develop, and striving for first-class"; the corporate philosophy of "establishing trust with integrity, and reaching far with trust" will surely create a brighter tomorrow for Trina.

Wanli Guanshan has been crossed from the beginning, and it is time to ride the wind and waves. Tianhe Group is willing to cooperate with friends from all walks of life to create brilliant future together.