Tongren.Suzhou Industrial Park

Tongren.Suzhou Industrial Park is located in Bijiang District, Tongren City. It is the result of the cooperation between the east and west of Jiangsu and Guizhou provinces. The project is located in the core area of Tongren-Suzhou Industrial Park in Bijiang Economic Development Zone, Tongren City, Guizhou Province, with adjacent plots in the east. And Jingwu Road, west to Dengta Avenue, south to Renzheng Road, north to Planning Road. The total construction area is 190367.59㎡, the total capacity area is 190317.59㎡, and the excluding capacity area is 50㎡.



Jiangyan Industrial Park, Kunshan High-tech Zone

"Kunshan High-tech Zone Jiangyan Industrial Park" has a planned total construction area of 47,245 square meters. It will be constructed in two phases. The single building includes 1~13# workshops and supporting buildings; the current phase I workshops 7~13# workshops and supporting buildings The completed construction area is about 27035 square meters; the second phase 1~6# workshops are to be developed and constructed.



Kunshan German Industrial Park

Kunshan German Industrial Park covers an area of 15 square kilometers and is located in Zhangpu Town, Kunshan City, which is one of the 25 pilot towns for administrative reform in China. The German Industrial Park has been recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China as "National Kunshan Sino-German International Science and Technology Cooperation Base" and "National Precision Machinery Characteristic Industrial Base". Sino-German (Kunshan) Industrial Technology Key Cooperation Zone. At present, 123 European and American companies have settled in the German Industrial Park in Kunshan, including 55 German-funded companies, including many Fortune 500 companies.



Japan Industrial Park

Japan Industrial Park Address: Eagle Road, Tulip Road intersection.