Pre-job training and safety disclosure for new employees

On May 8, 2021, a pre-job training and safety briefing meeting for new employees was held in the conference room of "Meisheng Medical Engineering Project Department" of our company.

The meeting mainly provided safety training for new college students. By watching the "Safety Education Warning" video, they had a more intuitive understanding of the safety hazards often encountered on the construction site and in life, as well as the safety hazards caused by weak safety awareness.

After the video learning, the person in charge of the construction site and company leaders also communicated with the students by telling about what they had seen, encountered, heard and experienced during their many years of work, and repeatedly emphasized that safety is the first prevention, and safety is the first One is the top priority. This is not only responsible for the company, but also responsible for oneself and the family. There is no trivial matter in front of safety.