In order to ensure that the company's projects under construction can successfully complete the established construction tasks before the end of the year, at 9:00 am on December 12, 2020, the company held an organization and coordination meeting in the conference room of the new construction project department of Bacheng Senior High School.

Chairman Zhang Wei, General Manager Wei Chuyin, the main leaders of the construction company, the main leaders of various functional departments, and the main leaders of the projects directly under the company all attended the meeting. Due to the arduous construction tasks of the Bacheng Senior High School project before, the construction unit's response to the project was difficult. The requirements for safety, quality and progress are relatively high. At the meeting, the chairman and general manager Wei had a comprehensive understanding of the construction progress, quality, safety and other aspects of the project, and discussed the main difficulties of the project with the project leader one by one For the current difficulties raised by the project leader and the matters that need the company's assistance to solve, the chairman requires the company's functional departments to fully cooperate and make relevant work plans in advance, and the company will give full support. At the same time, the project department is also required to do a good job in internal organization and management, increase the input of manpower and material resources into the construction, and ensure the smooth completion of the previous plan.

During the meeting, I also watched the first draft of the "Cloud Watch" video of the 1#-3# building project of Zhongke Controllable Phase I, and learned about some problems that still exist on the construction site, and the rectification of related problems and the corresponding cooperation matters, the chairman of the board of directors. They all gave detailed instructions, requiring the project department and the technical department to cooperate with each other to ensure that the application procedures are completed as soon as possible.

During the meeting, the chairman and general manager Wei also had a comprehensive understanding of the current actual progress of the company's other projects under construction, and also put forward corresponding goals and requirements.

After the meeting, all the participants went to the construction site of Bacheng Senior High School Project to visit and study. The company leaders also put forward relevant suggestions and requirements on some problems existing in the construction site quality and safety.