The epidemic is ruthless, and Tianhe is affectionate

At present, Kunshan City is blocking the epidemic in all aspects. Tianhe Construction Group strictly implements the relevant deployment of the Kunshan High-tech Zone Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, regards epidemic prevention as the current top priority, and gives full play to the role of the pioneers of grass-roots party organizations and youth league members to lead the group. The employees are united and united to fight, and help Lucheng with practical actions!

In order to cope with the situation of heavy nucleic acid testing tasks in the community, many mobile personnel, weak prevention and control forces, and complex social conditions, the Party Branch of Tianhe Construction Group calls on party members and cadres to take the initiative to show their identities, enter the community, take responsibility, and set an example. To this end, the company specially organized two teams of anti-epidemic material support commando and nucleic acid testing volunteer team to contribute to the epidemic prevention work in Kunshan.

In addition, the company immediately took the initiative to contact and purchase various anti-epidemic materials after learning about the difficulties of the epidemic prevention work. For the safety and logistics of the commandos and volunteer teams, let the front-line personnel know that we are behind them, and the group company, the party and the people are behind them!"

Dare to take responsibility and build a "firewall" for the epidemic

"We will go wherever there is a need." The commandos shouted loud slogans. At 5 am on the 23rd, they had assembled and loaded the supplies. At this moment, they are not only Tianhe people, but also Kunshan people. They use their actions to defend this epidemic defense battle!

On this day, they kept their mission in mind and resolutely stood behind all front-line anti-epidemic personnel to deliver ammunition to the front line. They really achieved "Wherever there is a need, we will go wherever." The city's epidemic prevention work contributes, because they firmly believe that we will eventually win this defense battle!
The "Single Spark" in the Epidemic - Retrograde TRW Volunteers

At 4 in the morning, the first batch of 20 volunteers from Tianhe Construction Group Co., Ltd. had assembled. After the professional training of the streets and medical staff, volunteers went to major communities to participate in the community's information entry, health code inspection, nucleic acid testing, building sweeping investigation, order maintenance and other nucleic acid testing work.

Volunteers shuttled through the nucleic acid testing team, tirelessly reminding the crowd. When they encountered elderly people who were inconvenient to operate, they patiently stepped forward to guide them. They used their patience and enthusiasm to warm the residents who were waiting in the cold wind.