The Commencement Ceremony of the Phase I Project of Zhongke Controllable

On December 22, 2018, the groundbreaking ceremony of the first phase of the Chinese Academy of Sciences' Safety and Controllable Information Technology Industrialization Base was held. The first-phase project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences' safety and controllable information technology industry base is an important project to promote the research and development and industrialization of major national integrated circuit projects and safety and controllable chip-related technologies in response to the staged needs of my country's information industry construction. Although God is not beautiful, all colleagues in the company are very excited. This project is also a challenge to "Tianhe people". It is a new height for "Tianhe people" in terms of quality, safety, new technology application, green construction, etc. We will implement scientific management, Create brilliant performance and build first-class projects to return the expectations and trust of Zhongke Sugon to our company!