"Promoting the Spirit of the Road to Kunshan and Inspiring Responsible Actions" Visits Difficult Party Members

Greetings and exhortations sent the warmth of the party to the hearts of difficult party members.

In order to further strengthen the care within the party and effectively reflect the care and love of the party organization for the party members in difficulties, on the morning of June 18, Wang Qiang, secretary of the party branch of Tianhe Construction Group Co., Ltd., led his office colleagues to visit the party members in difficulty.


In the house of Lu Lingen, a 62-year-old old party member, Secretary Wang Qiang shook his hand cordially, asked him carefully about his life and physical condition, thanked him for dedicating his life to the company, and told him to pay attention to his eating habits. , and encouraged him to face life positively and enjoy life happily.

This condolence activity for party members in difficulty not only connected the feelings of grassroots party members and organizations, but also played a role in further enhancing the cohesion, appeal, and centripetal force of grassroots party organizations, and giving full play to grassroots party organizations to serve the masses, cohesion, and create harmony. positive promotion.