Tianhe Group held the 2016 annual summary meeting

On the afternoon of January 6th, the 4th Second Shareholders' Meeting of Tianhe Group and the 2016 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference were grandly held in the large conference room on the sixth floor of Tianhe Building. All employees gathered together. The meeting was presided over by President Gu of the group company.
The meeting first listened to the 2016 annual summary report made by Zhang Min, general manager of the group company. In the report, Mr. Zhang made a detailed summary and summary of the work of the past year. He pointed out that through the joint efforts of all employees, the group company's various indicators have reached or exceeded expectations, and it has also made great progress in external expansion. However, while making achievements, everyone still needs to guard against arrogance and impatience, and continue to actively participate in market competition in accordance with the overall deployment of the group company. Afterwards, President Wei of the group company made the 2016 financial final report and year-end dividend decision. Wang Qiang, the supervisor of the group company and the chairman of the labor union, made a supervisor's speech and the details of the income and expenditure of various welfare and love funds of the group company in 2016. Immediately afterwards, the conference commended the best teams and work pacesetters in 2016, and the award-winning representatives took the stage to speak. Finally, Chairman Zhang Wei made a concluding speech. He proposed that in 2017, we will continue to bravely adhere to the strategy of going global, actively explore the external market, and at the same time, we must do a good job in internal management, remove bureaucracy, and think more about employees. When the chairman learned that a young employee, Xu Ji'an's just two-year-old daughter, unfortunately suffered from a rare bloodthirsty syndrome, he suggested everyone to reach out and help their little brother, because we are a family. The meeting ended with the donations from everyone.