The election of the deputies to the people's congress at the two levels in Kunshan City was successfully held

 Yesterday morning, the atmosphere of the conference room on the sixth floor of Tianhe Building was solemn and serious. The election meeting of the Municipal People's Congress of the sixth group of the 147th constituency of Kunshan City was held here, from Tianhe Construction Group Co., Ltd., Kunshan Urban Construction Design Institute Co., Ltd. 132 voter representatives from the Municipal Sports Construction and Development Co., Ltd. and Kunshan Housing Construction and Development Co., Ltd. came to the venue to jointly select the representatives of the Kunshan Municipal People's Congress.
At 9:00 a.m., the host of the conference announced the start of the election conference, and everyone stood up and sang the "National Anthem". The General Assembly passed the "Election Measures" and the list of scrutineers by a show of hands, and then the staff reported the number of reports and distributed the ballots. All voters carefully filled in them, and then queued up in order to put the filled ballots into the ballot box, according to the law. exercise their democratic rights.
The deputies to the people's congress are elected by the people, and the deputies to the people's congress are the people. Voters expressed: Today, we cast a solemn vote, and hope that the elected representatives can earnestly perform their duties, walk, see and listen to more of our common people, and bring the ideas of the masses to the people who are about to convene. Congress, let the people live a more prosperous life.