Enthusiastic about public welfare, charitable, giving back to the society

Recently, at the 2018 annual meeting of the Kunshan High-tech Zone Chamber of Commerce, Zhang Min, executive vice president of the High-tech Zone Chamber of Commerce and general manager of Tianhe Construction Group Co., Ltd., was awarded the "2017 Advanced Individual for Charity and Public Welfare" award. The high-tech zone chamber of commerce's selection of advanced individuals in charity and public welfare is currently the most influential annual charity award by the chamber of commerce. The purpose of the event is to promote the spirit of public welfare, advocate public welfare behavior, and build a platform for in-depth dialogue and cooperation among multiple parties.

While achieving steady and rapid development, the Chamber of Commerce in the High-tech Zone has organized and carried out various forms of activities to effectively fulfill social responsibilities according to local conditions, and played a positive social effect. Taking the targeted poverty alleviation work of "Hundred Enterprises Helping Hundred Villages" as an example, since 2016, the High-tech Zone Chamber of Commerce and Shuyang Huachang Village have formed a poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation team, and established a poverty alleviation working group, led by executive vice president Zhang Min, to coordinate and guide poverty alleviation Work.

When we first got married, the per capita net income of the whole village was less than 1,000 yuan, the poor households accounted for more than 1/3 of the total population of the village, and the resident poor population was serious. After learning about the situation, Zhang Min mobilized private entrepreneurs to donate money at the chairman's meeting of the chamber of commerce, raised funds by himself, donated 150,000 yuan to the village, and built roads for the villagers.

In 2017, Vice President Zhang Min went to Huachang Village to inspect the road construction in the village, guide the targeted poverty alleviation work, and participated in the inauguration ceremony of the road construction donated by the Chamber of Commerce. Vice President Zhang Min visited the poor households in Huachang Village, visited the poor, encouraged the poor households to develop the seedling industry, and laid a solid foundation for subsequent poverty alleviation. After learning the information about the village's characteristic agricultural product, Zishi, which was unsalable, Vice President Zhang Min immediately instructed the Chamber of Commerce Office to use the Chamber of Commerce's website and WeChat to release information to help promote sales and solve the urgent needs of the villagers. As of the end of 2017, the local government's household survey showed that the per capita annual income of poor households in Huachang Village has increased significantly, and many poor households have exceeded the local poverty alleviation line. This marks that the High-tech Zone Chamber of Commerce has achieved initial success in helping impoverished villages get rid of poverty. It was listed as a model for targeted poverty alleviation by the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, and made a special speech at the provincial meeting. Zhang Min said: "Hundreds of enterprises help hundreds of villages and targeted poverty alleviation" is a long-term task and must be persevered in order to receive practical results. This time, the Chamber of Commerce continued to donate 100,000 yuan in cash in 2018, which is to pass the baton of the new "targeted poverty alleviation" and demonstrate the social responsibility and responsibility of private enterprises.

As a private enterprise adhering to the value concept of "being enthusiastic about public welfare, charitable, and giving back to the society", in recent years, General Manager Zhang Min has effectively fulfilled the corporate citizenship responsibility of giving back to the society, devoted himself to public welfare and charity, carried forward the spirit of humanitarianism, and promoted poverty alleviation in China. Relief traditional virtues. In carrying out poverty alleviation and charity activities, whether it is Xinjiang, which has traveled thousands of miles, or Tongchuan, which is full of mountains and mountains, we can often see the figure of General Manager Zhang Min, active in the scene of public welfare and charity. At the same time, General Manager Zhang Min also led Tianhe people, under the leadership of the company's board of directors, to actively adapt to the "new normal" of the economy, speed up transformation and innovation-driven, customer-centric, market-oriented, technology-led, While developing the real economy, we have always cared about the people's livelihood, repaying the society, bearing in mind our social responsibilities, and made outstanding contributions to the sustainable development of economy, society and environment.