Tianhe Group held the 2017 annual summary meeting and held the Spring Festival Gala Newsletter

On the afternoon of January 19, the third shareholder meeting of the fourth session of Trina Construction Group and the 2017 annual summary and commendation meeting were grandly held in the conference room on the sixth floor of the group company headquarters. The leaders of the group company and the principals of various functional departments, branches, project departments and all employees of the group headquarters attended the meeting.

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Gu of the group company. First, general manager Zhang Min of the group company made a summary report to the conference. In the report, general manager Zhang reported the operation of the group company and its subordinate branches in the past year, and made a detailed analysis and summary of the problems in production and operation. The direction and focus of future development were pointed out; then Mr. Wei of the group company made a final financial report and dividend decision to the meeting; after the speech of the supervisor of the group company, the meeting commended the outstanding teams and work pacesetters who won 2017; finally Zhang Wei The chairman encouraged everyone to strengthen their self-cultivation, improve their business level, deal with challenges calmly, and work hard to overcome difficulties.

After the meeting, all employees, retired employees and some employees' family members gathered at the hotel to celebrate the Chinese New Year together. The splendid programs and the exciting lottery pushed the party to one climax after another. It fully demonstrates the spirit of Tianhe people's united struggle, vigor and enterprising spirit.