Wenbi Tower renovation project successfully completed

Wenbi Pagoda is located at the southern end of Hongmei Park in Changzhou City, which is known as "a place for reading through the ages and a modern innovation city". Cheng Taiping Temple. The Taiping Temple Pagoda is in the middle of Weiguan County. It looks like a pen and is also known as the Wenbi Tower. It is regarded as the soul of the pen by the literati in Changzhou.
The Wenbi Tower is 48.38 meters high, and the outer diameter of the ground floor is 9.58 meters. The tower body is a brick and wood structure, with seven levels and eight sides. Each floor has arches and a spiral staircase surrounds it. After the vicissitudes of life, it was abandoned several times. On July 1 this year, after winning the bid, our company immediately arranged for the ancient construction team to enter the construction site and repair it according to the raw materials and the original process: the corners of each roof panel are composed of lookboard materials, and are carved with bucket arches and corners. It is made of blue bricks, carved with mortar and plastering, double dragons swallow the ridge, and the roof is covered with antique tube tiles. After half a year of rigorous and meticulous construction, the ancient pagoda has been renovated and the famous scenic spot "Wenbi Sunset" finally welcomes guests with a new look!