Bidding Newsletter

A few days ago, with the overtime work of the comrades in the Marketing Department and the active cooperation of colleagues from other departments, through the efforts of all parties, Tianhe Construction Group Co., Ltd. successfully won the bid for the S02 plot of resettlement housing in Zhaoshe area (Jinxiyuan) A bid (9 -15# Building, transformation and distribution room T2, transformation and distribution room T3, north of the underground garage) project, the winning bid price is 330 million yuan, and the contract construction period is 1067 days.

The total construction area of ​​the S02 block A standard project of the resettlement house in Zhaoshe area is 113,100 square meters, of which the civil air defense area is 13,038.74 square meters, the largest unit area is 17,481.71 square meters, the highest number of floors is 33, the highest cornice height is 97.75m, and the shear wall structure . The successful bid for this project has played a very positive role in boosting the morale of employees and establishing the brand image of Tianhe Construction in Kunshan, and also laid a solid foundation for the company to undertake large-scale construction.

In the context of the continuous downturn of the construction market, the construction company won the bid for this project by virtue of its corporate brand value and industrial supporting advantages, which is inseparable from the correct decision-making of the group company leaders and the unity and cooperation of various departments. The whole group will, as always, firmly establish the awareness of safety responsibility and project quality, adhere to the truth-seeking, pragmatic, rigorous and efficient attitude, abide by the contract, and submit a satisfactory answer to the owner and all sectors of society.