Stick to the front line to face the hot summer and work together to fight the high temperature

The days were hot and the sun was burning like fire. In order to do a good job in preventing heatstroke and cooling down in high temperature seasons, effectively protect the safety and health of front-line workers, and effectively promote project construction and enterprise production and operation. From August 1st to 2nd, the trade union of the group company organized relevant personnel to go to 15 project sites under construction to visit and condolence front-line personnel, sent pure water, towels, soap and other heatstroke prevention and cooling condolences, and sent organizational care to the hearts of employees .
In addition to condolences, the leaders of the trade union asked about production and living conditions, and instructed the person in charge of each construction site to pay attention to heatstroke prevention and cooling, arrange work and rest time reasonably, ensure the production safety and physical health of employees, and at the same time strengthen the protection of employees against high temperature, Publicity and education of occupational health knowledge such as heatstroke first aid. By organizing the majority of employees to carry out high temperature and heatstroke first aid knowledge, emergency plan study and emergency rescue drills, improve the safety production and self-protection skills of workers. The company's condolences are like the cool breeze in summer, which moistens the hearts of the majority of employees and stimulates their enthusiasm for work. Everyone said that they must stick to their posts, work conscientiously, fight high temperatures, pay attention to safety, ensure quality, grasp progress, and ensure the completion of various tasks.