Construction companies organize fire safety knowledge lectures

In order to effectively do a good job in the safety production of the projects under construction, strengthen the awareness of the safety production of the projects under construction, and improve the emergency rescue capabilities of the engineering projects, on the morning of June 20, the labor union of the group company and the safety equipment department of the construction company invited teachers from the Suzhou Anju Fire Prevention Education and Training Center. The 2017 annual fire safety knowledge lecture was organized by the Chengqi Impression Project Department of the construction company. A total of more than 40 people in charge of the company's relevant departments and project departments and safety officers participated in the training.
As we all know, the construction industry is a high-risk industry, and it is also an industry with frequent fire safety accidents. Fire safety is often ignored in daily work, and it is imperative to improve employees' awareness of fire safety. The lecturer starts from the vivid cases, and tells about the major fire accidents that have occurred around us in recent years and their causes, mainly from "the ability to inspect and rectify hidden fire hazards", "the ability to fight initial fires", "organization and guidance". The four aspects of "personnel evacuation and escape ability" and "self-advocacy, education and training ability" were explained to everyone one by one. All the students were attentively, engrossed, and listened with great devotion. In response to the questions raised by the students from time to time, the teacher answered them one by one. The atmosphere of the scene Very active and enthusiastic.