Leaders of Kunshan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government visited our company's door-to-door construction site

On the morning of June 9, Yao Linrong, Secretary of Kunshan Municipal Party Committee, and Mayor Du Xiaogang visited our company's door-to-door e-commerce logistics headquarters park. Production and civilized construction management were fully affirmed, and pointed out: industry is the foundation of urban economic prosperity, all districts, towns and departments should further improve their ideological understanding, firmly grasp the first priority of development, speed up the introduction of a number of projects, and start construction as soon as possible A batch of projects and a batch of projects will be completed on schedule to ensure the completion of various goals and tasks throughout the year, and strive to be the leader of the country's county economic development. At the same time, it will promote safe development with stricter requirements and higher standards.
Kunshan door-to-door e-commerce logistics headquarters park is located on the north side of Xinwu Street and the east side of Taoyuan Road in Zhangpu Town, Kunshan City, covering an area of 51,683 square meters, with a construction area of 59,388 square meters and a plot ratio of 2.05. The total investment of the project is 240 million yuan, and the annual output value is expected to exceed 800 million yuan after all put into operation.