Tree Planting

In March, when the earth recovers and spring is full of joy, it is a good time to plant trees. At the same time, Arbor Day, which symbolizes the birth of green life, is also coming as scheduled. In order to add more green to our homes, further improve the public's awareness of the importance of land greening, and implement the five-in-one overall layout of economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, social construction, and ecological civilization construction, as the Kunshan Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-rural Development The affiliated Youth League organizations actively responded to the call of the Youth League Committee of the Bureau. We seized the opportunity, carefully organized and prepared, and participated in the 2017 Youth Volunteer Tree Planting Activity, which was a complete success.
On March 10th, under the coordination of the Youth League Committee of the Bureau, together with all directly affiliated agencies and groups in Kunshan City, afforestation activities were carried out at Shimao East No. 1. In this event, our Tianhe League branch sent a total of 5 volunteers. After everyone arrived at the designated tree planting area, received tools, and found the corresponding plot, they divided labor and cooperated: some people carried water, some people dig soil, and some people fertilized. The construction spirit of "not afraid of getting dirty and tired" has been fully carried forward, and the task of planting trees has been completed in an orderly manner. During the break, everyone chatted, told some recent news of current affairs, expressed some of their own opinions, and it was fun and happy... On the way back, the car was driving on the eastward road. The streets on both sides of the city road were picturesque, and there were surprises everywhere.
"If you don't accumulate a small step, you can't reach a thousand miles; if you don't accumulate a small stream, you can't make a river or sea." Although the strength that each of us can contribute is limited, but everyone contributes, and in a few years, we will return Kunshan is full of blue sky and green water. Through this activity, everyone can make their own contribution to Kunshan's environment with practical actions, and enhance citizens' awareness of environmental protection and building a beautiful home.