The power of example

What is the role model? An example is a ship, let us raise the sails of hope and lead us to the other side of victory; an example is a compass, guiding us in the direction of progress, so that we are no longer confused. Many role models are emerging all around us. In the corners of life, there is always such a spirit, which leads us to strive for strength; there is always such a kind of power, which makes us more confident; there is always such a kind of personality, which drives us to keep moving forward.

In the blink of an eye, the Spring Festival was over, and we returned to our respective jobs. More than half a month of the Spring Festival holiday, the day goes by, with two words to describe it is "comfortable". When most of us are on vacation at home, there is already a busy figure in the company, and he is the deputy director of our company's cost center - Xia Jianzhong. The company signed up to participate in the bidding of a project the day before the Spring Festival holiday. In order to successfully open the project on February 14, when we were still immersed in the festive atmosphere of the Chinese New Year, or when we were traveling, or visiting relatives and friends, he Give up personal breaks and start making tenders from February 1. Although he is no longer a young man, he is still working hard like a young man who just started working. Due to the tightness of the work and the heavy tasks, he even stayed up all night to complete his own work conscientiously. Manager Xia's selfless spirit, regardless of personal gains and losses, is worth learning from.

"Take people as a mirror, and you can understand the gains and losses." A role model is not only a mirror, but also a banner. It seems ordinary and simple, but it can ignite the passions and dreams of many people.