Huiju Temple

For many Taiwanese living in Kunshan, Huiju Temple is of great significance, because it enshrines the incense distribution from Lugang Tianhou Temple in Changhua, Taiwan, please call Mazu. The rebuilt Huiju Temple perfectly combines Buddhism with Fujian and Taiwan culture, integrating charity, faith, culture, tourism and other functions. Today's Huiju Temple has become the spiritual home of the common belief of compatriots on both sides of the strait. Project scale: 21280.81M2, winning bid price: 8094.0906 (ten thousand yuan). Construction unit: Kunshan Development Zone Huiju Temple Reconstruction Project Management Co., Ltd.

Pen Tower

Changzhou Wenbi Tower renovation project, Wenbi Tower is located at the southern end of Hongmei Park in Changzhou City, known as the "Eternal Reading Land, Modern Innovation City". There are 8 sides, there are spiral staircases, and the view from the tower is pleasing to the eye. The winning bid price: 317.4801 (ten thousand yuan). Construction unit: Changzhou City Greening Project Management Center.

Suqian Zhongwu Middle School

Suqian Zhongwu Junior High School Expansion Project-Ancient Building Group Project Grand, rigorous layout Project scale: 3488.89M2, winning bid price: 4344.52191 (ten thousand yuan). Construction unit: Suqian Zhongwu Junior High School. After hundreds of years of vicissitudes, these buildings have become one of the few ancient buildings in Suqian, and they are extremely rare in northern Jiangsu.

Suzhou Changmen

Suzhou Changmen Ancient City Wall Protection and Restoration North Extension and Landscape Supporting Project, as part of the Suzhou Ring Ancient City Style Protection Project, was built in the Yuan Dynasty to restore Changmen and its ancient city wall, retain the original shape and structure of the city wall, and use raw materials as much as possible , the original process. The bottom of the entire city wall is 12 meters wide, and the top is about 9 meters wide. The newly built supporting projects are imitation buildings of the Republic of China. The project scale is 3460.48M2, and the winning bid price is 2020.5625 (ten thousand yuan). Construction unit: Suzhou Urban Construction Investment Development Co., Ltd.

Tinglin Garden Renovation

Tinglin Garden upgrade and renovation project, a national AAAA-level park, covers an area of more than 850 acres. Since this project is located in the old city of Kunshan, the flow of people is very large, and it is difficult for materials to enter and exit. It cannot be closed and managed during construction, and various measures must be taken to ensure the safety of tourists. Among them, how to transport the materials to the top of the mountain and the mountainside in the park for construction, the company organized a special technical team to solve the difficult problem, and used the temporary track to solve the transportation problem, so that the project was completed smoothly and on schedule, which was well received by the construction party and the people. The total renovation area of the project is about 172,200 square meters, and the new and repaired ancient buildings are about 2,000 square meters. The winning bid price is 34,429,305 (ten thousand yuan). Construction unit: Kunshan City Urban Construction Management Office.

Baoguo Temple

The Baoguo Temple Project in Qingpu District, Haishi is an antique building with a 2-story reinforced concrete frame structure. The double eaves roof and roof truss are made of wood. The project scale is 1000.81M2.

Yushan Scenic Spot

Yushan Shengjing is located in the core area of Yangcheng Lake Water Park. Yushan Shengjing Antique Villa Group has always been dubbed the reputation of "garden in garden, garden in garden". It belongs to a rare "rare diamond" level plot of water park. Building a private garden villa covers an area of 3.79 square kilometers and a water area of 1.2 square kilometers. It has successively won awards such as Kunshan Civilized Construction Site and Gusu Cup. Project scale: 54152.36m2. The winning bid price: 172.477188 million yuan. Construction unit: Kunshan Tianyuan Real Estate Co., Ltd.
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