Tongfeng Road Facade Reconstruction

Worker's name: Curtain Wall Reconstruction Project of Tongfeng East Road Office Building
Cost: 2,759,842.09 Yuan, Party A: Kunshan Economic and Technological Development Zone Water Supply Co., Ltd.

Maisheng Proton Medical Industry

Project name: Maisheng Proton Medical Industrialization Project, construction unit: Maisheng Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., project cost (10,000 yuan): 6582, construction area (M2): 22165.07, award: provincial civilized construction site, other highlights: meet radiation protection Requires mass concrete construction (slab thickness 3.4m, wall thickness 4m)

German Industrial Park

The interior decoration of the German Industrial Park, the shape of the tunnel made by the stairs, the color of the wall paint is different for each layer, the outdoor rest platform and the sun room are made of anti-corrosion wood, the outdoor rest platform has a pool, and there are fish inside, and the chairs and tables are made of irregular wood. Tables and chairs give people a different industrial style.

First People's Hospital

Kunshan People's Hospital Medical Auxiliary Building Decoration Project Scale: 8716M2, winning bid price: 17 million yuan, construction unit: Kunshan First People's Hospital Due to the particularity of materials and processes used in the hospital, a model system should be established according to the characteristics of this project before large-scale construction, so as to find problems in time and reduce losses. Make a model for the main construction and special construction content, and incorporate the learning of the process model into the scope of workers' technical disclosure. The on-site physical disclosure allows the construction personnel to be more intuitive and more fully familiar with the construction process requirements and technical points.

Yueshan By The Suzhou Lake

The scale of the fine decoration project of the third bid section of the first phase of Yueshan near the lake in Suzhou: 48109.28M2, the winning bid price: 27.18 million yuan, the construction unit: Suzhou Golden Century Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Centralized processing and fixed-length processing of wall and floor tiles: unified laying out, avoiding Deviation, the same type and layout, the same room and the same size, the factory centralized fixed-length processing. Engineering features: typesetting and on-site cutting losses are extremely low, and the utilization rate of residual materials is high. The use of mechanized material processing and paving is separated, which greatly improves the construction efficiency, saves time and cost, and is not restricted by the site. Cutting, drilling, chamfering, and angle grinding are precisely processed in the factory, and the quality is guaranteed. Reduce the cleaning and transportation of waste bricks generated by on-site cutting.

Kunshan Industrial and Commercial Bank

Huaqiao comprehensive office building decoration project (1F, 3F, 7~11F, 1~14F core tube) project, project scale: 10080M2, winning bid: 16.8424 million yuan, construction unit: Jiangsu Kunshan Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. office The hall, reception hall, business hall, multi-function hall, honor exhibition hall and corridors have high requirements for decoration grades and many construction projects, especially the interior walls and ceilings have a strong sense of hierarchy and good aesthetics, reflecting the overall design effect. The decoration of each area should reflect the luxurious and concise modern office environment. Technological characteristics: A large number of wood grain metal plates are used, and the fire resistance is good. Pattern customization, high selectivity, beautiful and good anti-fouling performance. The material itself has good durability. The wall and top surface are made of wood grain metal plate veneer material, which is made by the factory and installed on site, which greatly improves the work efficiency. The quality and precision of mechanical production are guaranteed. Cut material according to the order to reduce material loss.
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